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Exclusive Interview With Forgetmyname About “Gasoline” & Future Music Plans

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Emerging musician and singer-songwriter, Nicole, known as Forgetmyname, talks about her new release “Gasoline.” In our interview, the artist shares that she has learned to balance the process and not rush any part of it, although she hopes to release music more spontaneously in the future. She also expressed interest in exploring Spanish songs and various other genres in her future work.

Regarding her upcoming release “Nightfall,” Forgetmyname revealed that it is one of her favorite tracks, characterized by brutal honesty and a sonically cinematic experience. She described it as the type of song one would play while driving at night with the windows down. 

Forgetmyname also shared her plans for the future, mentioning the possibility of releasing an EP or album by the end of the year or the beginning of the next. In the meantime, she will be releasing singles more consistently, with music videos accompanying most of them. 

You’ve described “Gasoline” as a song about waiting for something to happen, even if you’re not ready for it. Can you talk about the struggle to balance desire and readiness in your personal life and in your music? 

It’s more of running from something happening while still having desire for it. I would say that with music, I’ve learned to balance it better and not rush any part of the process. At some point I do want to release music more spontaneously, but for now I have a couple songs ready to drop throughout the year.

Can you expand on how you integrate various sounds and influences into your music while ensuring that it remains coherent? Additionally, what genres and styles are you interested in exploring in your future work?

I don’t really go into the studio with it in mind, the sound I aim for is always at some point nostalgic and I think that’s the detail that really keeps it coherent. Spanish in general and exploring genres within is what I’m really excited about but it probably won’t come until later on.

Could you elaborate on how making music has served as a therapeutic outlet for you? How has the creative process helped you navigate challenging emotions and experiences?

I guess it lets me explore my feelings and myself in ways nothing else has. It lets  me understand and process so many situations whether it’s for better understanding, healing, or even taking accountability.

A new release is on the way! Can you give us a sneak peek into “Nightfall” and what makes it unique compared to your previous works, both in terms of its themes and musical arrangements?

“Nightfall” is one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written. It’s brutally honest and sonically cinematic. It’s that track you drive at night with the windows rolled down and blasting.

Your music videos are always captivating. How do you approach incorporating visual storytelling into your creative process, and how do you collaborate with your team to bring your vision to life?

Thank you! I usually will have the idea or concept while making the song in the studio based on the feel of the song and I’ll usually bounce those ideas off with Michee Zodulua and Ryan Pham who have been a huge part of all my music videos. It’s definitely a collaboration with the team they’ve become family to me and there I know whatever they do it’s going to come out great.

Can you share any exciting details with us about your future releases? Are you considering compiling them into an album or will they be stand-alone singles? And can we expect to see more music videos accompanying your tracks?

Hopefully an EP or album by the end of the year or beginning of next. As for the rest of this year, I’ll be releasing singles more consistently which I’m excited about. There will be music videos for most of them for sure!

Are there any upcoming live shows, performances, or festival appearances that your fans should be aware of?

Not yet!

Watch the official music video for “Gasoline” here:

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