Asher Shashaty

“Premiere: Asher Shashaty and Destina Join Forces for the Lively Single ‘Tell Yourself'”

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In the realm of electronic music, Asher Shashaty and Destina have joined creative forces to unveil their energetic new single, “Tell Yourself”, premiered in May 2023. This collaboration blends Shashaty’s dynamic production style with Destina’s mesmerizing vocals, offering a refreshing addition to the musical landscape.

“Tell Yourself” stands as a testament to the synergistic collaboration between Asher Shashaty and Destina. The track features a compelling mix of buoyant rhythms, captivating melodies, and uplifting lyrics, encapsulating the artist’s distinctive approach to song creation.

The release of “Tell Yourself” marks a significant milestone for both Asher Shashaty and Destina. Their ability to craft a song that resonates on multiple levels demonstrates their exceptional talent and commitment to musical excellence. The single has been met with considerable acclaim, reinforcing their status as innovative figures in the electronic music sphere.

In essence, “Tell Yourself” showcases the creative prowess of Asher Shashaty and Destina, serving as a vibrant sonic journey for listeners. With their innovative approach to music production, this dynamic duo continues to redefine the electronic music scene, eagerly anticipated for their future endeavors.