Kill the Noise

“Kill the Noise Reveals Upcoming Album ‘Hollow World’ and Teases Shadow Cliq Collaboration ‘Ultraviolent'”

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Electro house maestro, Kill the Noise, has stirred the music community with the exciting announcement of his forthcoming album titled “Hollow World,” set for release in May 2023. Adding to the anticipation, the music maven has also shared news of his intriguing collaboration with Shadow Cliq on a track titled “Ultraviolent.”

“Hollow World” will mark Kill the Noise’s latest venture into the electronic music scene, promising a collection of tracks that echo his distinct musical flair. The album’s unveiling is eagerly awaited by fans, who are eager to experience the producer’s latest innovative beats and rhythmic soundscapes.

In tandem with the album announcement, the news of “Ultraviolent” has further spiked the intrigue. This collaboration with Shadow Cliq suggests a fascinating fusion of styles that will likely captivate listeners. Given the talents of these music entities, the track promises to blend electrifying elements and beats, potentially producing a unique sound signature that fans will enjoy.

As the music community awaits the release of “Hollow World” and “Ultraviolent”, the anticipation surrounding Kill the Noise’s upcoming work underscores his prominent place in the electronic music scene. His creative explorations and relentless dedication to his craft continue to contribute to his growing influence in the music world.