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LION BABE: Dazzling Fans with Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” Cover and Unveiling of Anticipated Album

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On May 15, 2023, the dynamic duo known as LION BABE released their enchanting rendition of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’, demonstrating their exceptional musical versatility. Along with the captivating cover, they also unveiled their much-anticipated new album, further establishing their unique space in the music industry.

LION BABE’s cover of ‘Thinkin Bout You’ offers a fresh perspective on Frank Ocean’s original piece, showcasing their distinctive style and vocal prowess. Their rendition preserves the emotive essence of the original track while infusing it with their unique blend of neo-soul and electronica, creating a compelling musical experience for listeners.

In addition to their captivating cover, LION BABE also unveiled their highly anticipated new album. This album is a testament to their creative growth as artists, featuring a diverse collection of tracks that highlight their exceptional songwriting and production abilities. The duo’s innovative fusion of electronic, soul, and R&B elements creates a sound that is both refreshing and engaging, promising a sonic journey for listeners.

To celebrate the release of their new album, LION BABE will be performing at the Brooklyn Steel in New York on June 25, 2023. This performance is eagerly awaited by fans, providing an opportunity to experience the duo’s electrifying music and dynamic stage presence live.

In summary, LION BABE’s latest release and album unveiling is a clear demonstration of their evolving artistry and distinctive sound. As we anticipate their performance at Brooklyn Steel, LION BABE continues to make a significant impact on the music scene with their innovative and captivating creations.