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Nio Unveils “Horizon” Featuring Casey Cook on Proximity

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In an exciting development for electronic music fans, Nio has launched a captivating new track, ‘Horizon’, featuring the talented Casey Cook. Released under the Proximity label, the song marks a significant milestone in Nio’s career, showcasing his innovative soundscapes and skillful production.

‘Horizon’ presents an enchanting blend of electronic beats and ethereal vocals, courtesy of Casey Cook. Her voice beautifully complements Nio’s production, providing a human touch to the electronic backdrop. The synergy between Nio’s dynamic beats and Cook’s soulful voice takes listeners on a sonic journey, making ‘Horizon’ a must-listen for any electronic music enthusiast.

With the release of ‘Horizon’, Nio continues to solidify his reputation in the electronic music scene. His imaginative approach to music production, combined with the decision to feature Casey Cook’s powerful vocals, speaks to his versatility as an artist. As we move forward in 2023, Nio’s ‘Horizon’ offers a tantalizing taste of the innovation and creativity we can expect to see from him and the Proximity label.