Mau P’s Rhythmic Remix Brings Vibrato to Calvin Harris’ ‘Miracle’

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Acclaimed Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris and English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding‘s hit track, “Outside,” has been reimagined by the talented remixer Mau P. The new remix, titled “Miracle (Mau P Remix),” brings a fresh perspective to the original song, infusing it with an invigorating energy that appeals to electronic dance music enthusiasts.

Mau P’s take on “Outside” retains the emotional essence of the original while incorporating elements of electro house and progressive house. The remix showcases his expert production skills and ability to enhance the original song while still making it his own. The powerful vocals of Ellie Goulding blend seamlessly with Calvin Harris’s production, resulting in a compelling and captivating remix.

The “Miracle (Mau P Remix)” has been met with positive reviews and praise from fans, who appreciate the new spin on the well-loved track. As Mau P continues to make a name for himself in the electronic dance music scene, this remix serves as further evidence of his talent and creative vision.

With the release of the “Miracle (Mau P Remix),” Mau P demonstrates his ability to breathe new life into popular tracks, establishing himself as a rising talent in the world of electronic music. As he continues to explore different sounds and styles, fans can look forward to even more remarkable remixes and original productions from this innovative artist.