New Music Video Alert: Marshmello and Farruko’s “Esta Vida” Now Available to Watch

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Marshmello and Farruko, two renowned artists in the music industry, have teamed up to deliver a captivating new single titled “Esta Vida”. The song is a perfect blend of Marshmello’s signature electronic sound and Farruko’s energetic reggaeton vibes, resulting in a track that is sure to become a global hit.

“Esta Vida” showcases the distinct talents of both artists and is a testament to their chemistry. Marshmello, an enigmatic electronic music producer and DJ, is known for his chart-topping hits and iconic masked persona. On the other hand, Farruko, a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, has made a name for himself in the world of Latin music with his infectious reggaeton beats and powerful vocals.

The collaboration between Marshmello and Farruko was highly anticipated by fans of both artists, and “Esta Vida” does not disappoint. The song features an irresistible melody and infectious rhythms, making it the perfect addition to any party playlist. Its lyrics, sung primarily in Spanish, celebrate life’s simple pleasures and encourage listeners to embrace the moment.

In support of “Esta Vida,” Marshmello and Farruko are set to perform at several high-profile events, including the upcoming Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago on August 3rd, 2023. Fans can expect an electrifying live show that highlights the artists’ unique talents and showcases their undeniable chemistry on stage.

With the release of “Esta Vida,” Marshmello and Farruko have proven that they are a dynamic duo in the music world. The track’s catchy melody and uplifting message are sure to resonate with listeners, solidifying its place as a chart-topping hit and a fan favorite for years to come.