Listen to “I Miss You,” Willy Van Florence’s Latest Melodic-Techno Single.

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Willy Van Florence delivers new melodic-techno single ‘I Miss You’: Listen


Italian producer and DJ Willy Van Florence has been building up a solid catalog of melodic techno tracks since his first production, The Club Line, hit streaming services back in 2021. In the following years, he has continued to refine his production skills in the studio and even teamed up with a global superstar for his biggest release to date.

His most recent release, the beautifully melodic and haunting single, I Miss You, provides listeners with a track that will resonate whether played in clubs worldwide or streamed in the privacy of one’s home, absorbing the powerful lyrics while letting the rhythm of the track overwhelm the senses. The perfectly sung refrain of “I miss you, baby, I need your arms to hold me tight” captures the mood, both heartrending and full of passion and desire all at once, it certainly runs the emotional gamut for the listener. Meanwhile, the track maintains consistency throughout, never wavering in delivering a steady wave of percussion and bass to amplify the message and create an ambiance throughout the entire five and a half minutes of the single.

Coming off a massive 2022 that saw him team up with famed producer DJ Juicy M for the single Pump This, which has already surpassed the 2.5 million stream mark on Spotify, Willy Van Florence was able to showcase a different side of his creative output, as the single was a high-energy, peak hour banger. The contrast in styles from last year to now is a key function of the talent and inspirations that make Florence such a force in the dance music world. With the release of I Miss You, he ensures that his catalog has something for all listeners and moods, whether preparing for a night out or a quiet afternoon of introspection and lounging around the house, his productions certainly embrace a wide range of emotions and experiences.

Be sure to check out the beautiful melodic sounds of Willy Van Florence’s latest hit, I Miss You.