In May 2023 Alison Goldfrapp is set to launch her “The Love Intention.”

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Alison Goldfrapp’s upcoming debut solo album, “The Love Intention,” promises to be a unique and exciting musical journey for fans of her music. With the collaboration of esteemed producers Richard X, James Greenwood, and Toby Scott, the album is expected to showcase Alison’s exploration of new musical dimensions.

Drawing from her inspiration in house and disco elements, “The Love Intention” is set to take listeners on a thrilling ride through exotic soundscapes. The album features massive collaborations with industry veterans who have helped shape and define the music scene.

As a prelude to the album’s release, Alison Goldfrapp has unveiled “So Hard So Hot,” the album’s lead single. The hypnotic and rhythm-inducing track features glossy synths and a contorting bassline, capturing the joy of the dancefloor with its anthemic house beat. The single is accompanied by a psychedelic video directed in collaboration with Mat Maitland, adding an exciting visual element to the audio experience.

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