Genevieve Stokes Takes a Dive into the Rabbit Hole

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Genevieve Stokes, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Portland, Maine, has quickly risen to fame in the alt-pop scene. Despite her young age, she has already made waves with her debut EP, showcasing a raw emotional vulnerability in her music that has garnered critical acclaim. Influenced by artists like Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor, Stokes’ unique sound is a mix of nostalgia and angst, all while being sonically lush.

Stokes is back with her new EP, “Catching Rabbits,” which takes a more whimsical approach compared to her debut. The EP, recorded at the iconic Sound City Studios in LA with esteemed producer Tony Berg, reflects her personal journey towards a steadier mental state. The songs on the EP are introspective and experimental, featuring fairytale allusions and fantastical escapism while reflecting on her youth. Stokes explores a range of emotions, from the lighthearted waltz of “Habits” to the haunting tenderness of “You & Me” and “17.” The EP has a tangible nostalgia that feels like flipping through the pages of an old scrapbook.

In addition to the EP, Stokes has also released a music video for “Book of Memories,” which adds to the cottagecore/storybook aesthetic of her previous videos. The concept was created by Haoyan of America, with Stokes running through a storyline that plays out in fragments. Stokes said it was her favorite video yet, and the visual adds to the mystical Lewis Carroll-esque world of the EP.

To further flesh out this visual world, Stokes and her sister Madeline Curtis have created a set of tarot cards that correspond with the EP. The limited edition posters will be available for purchase on Stokes’ upcoming headline tour, which begins on May 14 in her hometown of Portland, Maine. The World card in the tarot deck reflects the positive change and abundance represented in “Can I,” one of the songs on the EP. The animals in the corners of the card’s border represent recurring characters from “Catching Rabbits,” adding to the cohesive visual and thematic world that Stokes has created.

Overall, “Catching Rabbits” showcases Stokes’ growth as an artist, both musically and visually. The EP is a beautiful exploration of nostalgia and wonder, and the accompanying music video and tarot cards add to the immersive experience. Stokes is definitely an artist to keep an eye on in the alt-pop scene.