“Elkka Unveils Single ‘Hands’ and Announces DJ-Kicks Mix on !K7”

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Elkka, co-founder of the femme culture collective, has been announced as the next artist in line for the esteemed DJ-Kick mix series by !K7 Records. In anticipation of the upcoming mix, Elkka has shared her latest single, ‘Hands,’ which is set to feature in the 23-track mix alongside another new release, ‘Body’ with Jeigo, as well as works by artists such as Mark Broom, Paula Tape, and Hodge. The DJ-Kick mix is set for release on April 26th.

The mix marks a significant milestone for Elkka, who cites the DJ-Kick series as an influential part of her musical upbringing. She expressed her excitement for the project, stating, “This is a really special moment for me because DJ-Kicks has been a formative part of my musical education. You have to just trust your own feelings. That’s exactly how I do everything – making sure that my music has my DNA in it and I feel connected to it.” Elkka also shared her goal for the mix, which is to create a celebratory and euphoric soundscape that showcases her eclectic musical tastes.

Elkka has previously released music on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour label, including the 2021 EPs ‘Harmonic Frequencies’ and ‘Euphoric Melodies,’ as well as the 2022 single ‘I Just Want To Love You.’ She has also released music on Local Action and femme culture collective’s label, including EPs like ‘Every Body Is Welcome’ and ‘Full Circle.’

Elkka’s DJ-Kick mix is highly anticipated, following in the footsteps of the recent Detroit-inspired mix by Theo Parrish. Fans can look forward to experiencing Elkka’s unique and diverse musical style in the upcoming mix, which promises to be a dynamic addition to the acclaimed DJ-Kick series.