‘Better’: Rome In Silver’s Latest Release Elevates the Listening Experience

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Rome in Silver, the artist name of Vinny Pisciotta, has released a fresh, anthemic track called “Better” on Seeking Blue Records. The track features a unique combination of breakbeat and bass that is perfect for today’s time, bringing back memories of warmer days and nights of breakbeats meets rock.

Rome in Silver’s musical journey began in 2014, after he had a dream where he was walking through Rome and the walls of the buildings were dripping in a liquid silver. To him, the liquid represents flowing freely, which is the way he approaches making music. His goal is to always have his fans expect the unexpected, and to touch on a range of emotions in his music, from love and fear to insecurities and feeling like he doesn’t fit in.

Born and raised in Murrieta, California, Rome in Silver was drawn to the vibrant and bass-forward foundations of dance music from a young age. Growing up in a small town with little to do, he turned to music as a way to express himself. His talent and passion for music are evident in his superlative singles, such as “Fool,” “Skin,” and “Fade,” which showcase his impeccable knack for layering tactful melodies over plenty of low-end vigour.

Since making his debut in 2016, Rome in Silver has carved out a considerable niche in the fluttery corners of the electronic spectrum. His “Elemental Series” features key releases such as “Lightning,” “Forever Flame,” and “Makeshift Moon,” which have helped establish his unique sound and build a dedicated fanbase.

“Better” is the latest addition to Rome in Silver’s growing discography, and it’s a track that’s sure to get listeners moving. The anthemic feel of the song evokes memories of warm nights and brings together elements of breakbeat and rock to create a sound that’s both familiar and fresh. With its ear-wormy melody and bass-heavy beats, “Better” is a perfect example of Rome in Silver’s ability to create music that is both emotive and energetic.