Zion & Lennox Get Creative with Salsa in Latest “Desnudate” Music Video

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“Desndate,” Zion y Lennox’s first song of the year, will premiere exclusively on Billboard on Thursday. Under the direction of co-producers Sergio George and Motiff, the Puerto Rican pair experiments with salsa music for the first time, departing from their distinctive old-school reggaetón essence and infectious perreo sound.

The duo acknowledged that it was difficult to execute the urban-infused salsa music while singing about love and betrayal.

“Without a doubt, this was one of the biggest challenges in our career but we were able to interpret it with love and compassion,” Zion tells Billboard of the tropical genre that they grew up listening to and respecting. “For us, it’s more than an honor to make this song in homage to all the salseros of Puerto Rico and around the world.”

The song “Desndate” is about a female who leads a man on and doesn’t desire anything serious, set to the hard-hitting beats of congas and trumpets.

“Oh no, oh no, you entangled me in your skin/you played with me […] get undressed, don’t tell me you care for me, you love me/ I knew you were like the rest that said they loved me but I do love you,” the pair laments. 

“I am super excited about everything that is coming for the tropical genre, especially in salsa with these new sounds that I am experimenting with,” expressed Motiff. “‘Desnúdate’ is undoubtedly part of the seasoning to all the salsa that is coming this 2023!!”

Watch the official music video for “Desnúdate” below.