NOIA & Ela Minus Collaborate On “Didn’t Know” & Share New Video

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Experimental Catalan Pop singer, Gisela Fullà-Silvestre, mostly known as NOIA drops the second single of her upcoming album Gisela. The Brooklyn-based composer, producer, sound designer, and mixer invites Colombian singer-songwriter, Ela Minus, to collaborate with her on this track.

“Didn’t know that loving you/ Is the worst way to get to you/ You love being bad and then going home/ You love being bad and then being good/ You love being bad and then going home/ You love being bad but I didn’t know,” say the English lyrics of the bilingual song.

“Didn’t Know” is accompanied by an eccentric video directed by Lola Blanc. In addition to the new song, Gisela will feature the already released single “Eclipse de Amor” with Electro-Pop duo Buscabulla. The record is due out on March 31 via Cascine.

In a recent statement, NOIA explained that “Didn’t Know” is an “ode to her friends in New York. An ode to all the bad dating we’ve done in this city and how we’ve survived through staying together and laughing together. It’s also an ode to the nightlife of this city.”

She continued, “Musically this is my Prince song; it’s definitely a hot pink song. I wanted the voices to feel like a wall of airy rhythmic sexy vibes, but then the beat and the bass to feel chaotic and industrial.”

Watch the official video for “Didn’t Know” here: