Meet Bella Dose A Latin Girl Band That Became Well Known Because Of Shakira

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The dance and video that “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” gave rise to that the Colombian singer found most interesting was one made by Bella Dose.

“Loving your creations! Found this one from @belladose and had to try it!” Shakira wrote in a post of three dancers doing the choreography, which culminates with a hand gesture timed to the Spanish language pun “sal-pique.” Her post, which has received over 160 million views, was followed by a week in which interest in this Latin girl band soared.

Since 2017, the female foursome has put in a lot of effort. More than two million people follow the young dancers, singers, and composers on TikTok, and their songs receive millions of views. Since its release in 2021, their debut EP Suelta, which was produced by Mike Sunshine and Xavier Herrera, has amassed approximately six million streams. And that just looks to be the beginning.

Bella Dose is made up of four people: Thais Rodriguez, Jenni Hernandez, Melany Rivera, and Brianna Leah. They are originally from Miami, and their unusual cultural fusion of Cuban, Honduran, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Chilean ancestry is certainly represented in their music, which blends genres and rhythms such as reggaetón, bachata, dembow, merengue, and hip-hop.

“We want to bring the music of our countries into ours, and that’s why we represent the culture of all of us in everything we do,” Jenni Hernandez tells Billboard Español.

The trio did not create the dance that has drawn so much attention to them. Vicky Curiel, a music business owner, and the manager of Bella Dose, noticed Voonniie, a gifted dancer from Madrid who studied musical interpretation, in a TikTok video doing her original choreography for “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53,” following the recent release of Shakira’s new single with Bizarrap. She immediately proposed that the girls duplicate it by including their distinctive rotation, in which they take steps in a circular fashion so that everyone has a chance to be photographed.

As Brianna Leah says: “We’ve been doing the rotation since we started on TikTok and with trending songs. We like this style because every girl has her moment”.