Tiago PZK Drops Music Video For “Bemaste” Starring His Girlfriend Belén Negri

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Argentine rapper and singer Tiago PZK surprises fans and shows off his romantic side with the heart-wrenching ballad “Bemaste.” The song is about finding that special person who comes and turns your world upside down. In fact, the artist’s significant other, model Belén Negri, is the protagonist of the music video.

The black and white visuals follow Tiago leaning against a car, while numerous people come and go, asking for photos and moving on with their lives. But suddenly “She” arrives, aka, Belén, to make him feel special and unique, giving him butterflies in his stomach.

“I consider this song the first work of my career that comes from the heart both conceptually and visually, I don’t have any expectations, because I have already fulfilled what I wanted to achieve with this song,” says the artist on his Instagram account. There is no doubt that Tiago PZK is deeply in love.

Belén Negri also posted a heartfelt message along with some photos of her with Tiago: 

“Bemaste” will restore faith in anyone who has lost their hope in love. Tiago PZK says it himself, “You don’t have to put up barriers!”

Watch the official video for “Bemaste” here: