Exclusive: “Fallin” Artist Loe Shimmy Sets Release Date For Upcoming Untitled Project

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Rapper and songwriter Loe Shimmy, who recently achieved a new milestone, thanks to his new track “Fallin,” announces a new album, set to be released March 23, 2023. The Florida native gave an in-depth interview discussing upcoming projects and teasing exciting new collaborations.

Congratulations on the release of “Fallin.” What is it about and what inspired you to write the song? 

“Fallin” has multiple meanings. I got in the booth off the head and just expressed how I was and am feeling at the moment.

Would you like to share details on your upcoming album? What is it called? How many tracks does it have? Have you already decided on the tracklist? Is “Fallin” a preview of what we should expect from the new record?

Yeah, my upcoming album is dropping March 23 on my birthday. I got a few names… I haven’t yet decided on which one yet, but it is finished, I’ma put 13 tracks on it. “Fallin” will be there.

You’ve previously collaborated with Kodak Black on “Bounty.” Will there be a new track with the two of you on this new album? Are there any other surprise collabs?

Me and Kodak’s song “Bounty” will be on there and I do also have some big surprise features for you guys as well on there.

Do you put much thought into your music or does it come naturally for you? Do you follow an instinctive process or a more conscious one?

I don’t have to put much thought in my music. It comes naturally because this is my way of expressing myself, it’s  artwork to me.

Where are you originally from? How has your surroundings and upbringing shaped your music and approach to life in general?

I’m originally from Broward County, FLorida. I moved around to multiple cities like Pompano, Fort Lauderdale, North Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and more.

What was the best creative advice you’ve received considering your music career? Do you have a specific figure in your life whom you consider as your mentor? If yes, how has their presence impacted the way you write your song?

The best creative advice I received considering my music career is to stay consistent. I don’t really have anyone who I consider a mentor, but I do have a team that does help me stay on track with every step of the way on this journey. I’m self motivated.

Who are your top three most favorite artists of all time! 

My top three favorite artists of all time are Future ,Drake , and The Weeknd.

When did you first start writing songs? Did you always know that music is your calling?

I first started making music in 2018 with my first song called “Booted” on YouTube. I didn’t always know I would be a rapper. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a few years ago.

How would you define your sound and what are some of the genres you would like to experiment with in the future?

I would define my sound as unique and versatile. I have my own sound, multiple of them different genres hip hop , r&b , pop. I would like to experiment with other genres like country and Latin music and also collaborate with artists like Bad Bunny.

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