Lola Índigo Places Mailboxes On The Streets Of Madrid Presenting Her New Album

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After the success of La Niña de la Escuela, Lola Índigo is preparing to release El Dragón, her new studio album in 2023. The Granada native has shared a preview of one of the songs that will be on the forthcoming record. The song is called “Corazones Rotos” and it stands out with its electronic, urban, and pop sounds.

Via her Instagram, Índigo teased the fans and gave them a taste of what is to be expected:

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Showing that her creativity has no limits, Lola sat down in front of the camera and broke the news: “I am going to release a song called ‘Corazones Rotos.’”

“I thought it would be a good idea for you to write letters telling me what has broken your heart in 2022,” she continued. Every heartbreak comes with a lesson, and that is something that Lola also wants to hear from her fans: “It is important that you tell me that you have learned from all this, not only the bad, but the good as well.”




The singer-songwriter has placed four mailboxes at different points in Madrid where letters can be left: “In the mailbox you will discover who the collaboration of the song is. With whom I share this song,” she said, referring to Luis Fonsi.

Lola Índigo never fails to surprise the audience with her original ideas. The campaign for her upcoming album El Dragón has doubled the anticipation and gotten fans even more excited than before.