Ozuna Sings “Arhbo” At The World Cup Closing Ceremony

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The Qatar 2022 soccer World Cup final took place on Sunday in Doha and unlike with the opening ceremony, the organization had revealed, through an official statement, that Ozuna will be in charge of the show prior to the Argentina – France match.

The artist performed one of the official songs that have been part of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “Arhbo.” Although in its original version, the Puerto Rican shared the mic with Gims and RedOne, in the live version only the Congolese rapper joined Ozuna and the two lit the stadium on fire during one of the biggest televised events of the planet.

The Puerto Rican then shared a photo of himself with World Champion Leo Messi and rejoiced at the historic moment.

“Arhbo” was released on all music platforms on August 22, 2022 and garnered more than 62 million views on FIFA’s YouTube channel. The title of the song comes from the Qatari colloquial term that means “Welcome.”

Ozuna recently dropped the Afro-Latin- Pop record Ozutochi. The artist is a true benchmark of the urban music scene and continues to be so with songs like “Mar Chiquita,” “Te Bote,” “El Farsante,” “Taki Taki,” “Criminal,” “Dile Que Tu Me Quieres,” “La Modelo,” and others.

You can rewatch the Closing Ceremony here.