Cloudy June Presents An Enchanting New Single “Devil Is A Woman”

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In order to kick off a new deal with Columbia Germany/Sony Music, Cloudy June has released the brand-new track “Devil Is A Woman” along with its accompanying music video. Teasers for the song have already received 200,000 views on TikTok, where her fan base is fast growing and has reached around 3 million.

Beginning with a church bell, “Devil Is A Woman” soon establishes that Cloudy June’s sexuality will not be constrained by antiquated moral ideals or societal norms. Soon, the menacing pop of “Devil Is A Woman” creates a spell of its own. Who needs paradise if hell is already roiling with aggressive hip-hop beats, juddering synth embellishments, and sensuous, enticing vocals? It is a song that plays with religious imagery and rebels against any authority that seeks to limit the freedom of women.

Speaking about the single, Cloudy June says:

If a woman who fights for freedom becomes the devil in someone’s eyes, I’d rather go to hell with her than go to their heaven. That’s what ‘Devil Is A Woman’ is about.

The German-Cuban artist Cloudy June, 24, is fast becoming a major force in the music industry. Cloudy June is an up-and-coming feminist and queer icon whose songs challenge social norms with direct, no-holds-barred takes on issues like sexuality and equality, helped by her knack for creating instantly memorable song titles (such as “FU In My Head,” “Throw Up When I See Your Face,” “Mommy Issues,” and “High Waist To Hell”). As a result, her independent albums have amassed over 40 million listens, and her first headline tour of Germany was a success because of her IRL fan base.

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