Collaborators Of Bad Bunny Discuss Being A Part Of The Historical Album “Un Verano Sin Ti”

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Contrary to some of his other top-secret endeavors, Bad Bunny started giving away hints about his record-breaking album Un Verano Sin Ti months before it was released. He sent brief updates from a far-off island on Instagram and made mention of a lighthearted beach motif he started experimenting with in January. 

The album, which was released in May, was loaded with vibrant, daring sounds and unanticipated collaborations with experimental producers, bands, and musicians, like Buscabulla, Bomba Estéreo, and The Maras, despite the fact that he had only slightly given fans a heads-up.

Even more spectacular? The album had an amazing reception, rocketing up the charts, breaking Taylor Swift’s previous record for most Spotify streams in a day, and holding the top place on the Billboard 200 for the longest. It received two Latin Grammy nominations as well, making it the first ever all-Spanish effort to be nominated for a Grammy in the prestigious Album of the Year category.

The response has been astounding, particularly for the performers Bad Bunny hired to assist him in accomplishing such a spectacular accomplishment. Many of them discussed their experiences writing the songs they did with Rolling Stone as well as what it meant to them to be a part of an album that is still making history.