Tya Drops A Sensational R&B Single “Come & Go”

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Singer-songwriter Tya has released a new hit titled “Come & Go.” In her latest track, Tyta discusses the challenges we face in romantic relationships and detours when pursuing our dreams in her writing. She constantly wants to commit and put all of her efforts to music. Thus, she wrote “Come & Go” as a love song to express these sentiments even if it isn’t specifically about someone in particular. 

Tya thinks that pursuing your mission and your passion will lead to ultimate fulfillment. Of course, everyone wants fulfillment, but there are instances when it is difficult to balance. Tya hopes that it will be felt by those who share her sentiments. Since TYA made care to give the distinctive tune a real vibe, “Come & Go” is one of a kind since it sounds nothing like the typical when it comes to R&B music.

Discussing about “Come & Go,” Tya mentiones,

There is “too much on the line” to be involved in a romantic relationship, so you push people away even though you know it isn’t the best thing for you sometimes… When I wrote this, I was feeling lonely and had to remind myself of the bigger picture.

The ultimate purpose of Tya is to get people up and dancing while also getting them to feel something via her music. What an inspirational artist!

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