Lola Índigo Unveils New Details On Her Upcoming Album: El Dragón

2 mins read

Lola Índigo is ready to start a new era with her anticipated forthcoming album El Dragón. The Spanish singer and dancer is very close to releasing the new LP, especially now that the tickets for her upcoming concerts at the Wizink Center and Palau Sant Jordi are already on sale. 

Mimi, aka, Lola Índigo has already shared a multitude of details on the expected El Dragón, but in a recent podcast, she gave away a lot of new information that got fans more excited than ever. Discussing the reason why “An1mal” is the first song off the record, and the fate of the unreleased song “La Santa,” the talented singer brings clarity to a lot of hanging topics.

Lola explains that “An1mal” will be the first song on the album’s tracklist. Mimi has neither announced the tracks of the album nor the release date, but she plans to release El Dragón in spring, before her debut at the Wizink Center and at the Palau.

Concerning “La Santa,” Índigo teases that the song may not be featured in the new album after all. She clarifies that since it was the last show of 2022, she wanted to leave the crowd with “a gift.”

However, many surprising singles have been added to the tracklist of El Dragón, including pieces of tracks she sang three years ago. So, even though “La Santa,” may not appear in this project, it may appear in the next one.

Check out a glimpse of what’s to come below: