Los Bukis Close Out the Latin Grammys With A Medley Of Classics

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Following a solo performance earlier in the evening, Person of the Year winner Marco Antonio Sols returned to the stage toward the close of the 2022 Latin Grammys. This time, he played some oldies alongside his band Los Bukis after their reunion.

Sols previously left the band in 1996 to begin his prosperous solo career. To the joy of lovers of Latin music, he reconnected with Los Bukis last year. With his upbeat rendition of “Tu Cárcel,” Sols proceeded to convey that joy. He demonstrated his bandmates’ unshakeable friendship by dancing in time with them. Standing ovations were given by the audience for Sols’ thrilling reunion with Los Bukis.

Sols was honored with a tribute performance by Latin pop singers at the start of the evening. Thalia, Luis Fonsi, and Laura Pausini, in addition to Sin Bandera, Carin León, Gente de Zona, Aymée Nuviola, and Chocquibtown’s Goyo, sang the songs “Si No Te Hubieras Ido” and “A Dónde Vamos a Parar.”