THE FUR Drops A New Release “Miracle”

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By creating grandiose and energizing dance-pop that will have your feet moving and your heart pumping, THE FUR has dropped a new track titled “Miracle.” THE FUR fuses Swedish pop songs with hard-hitting dance beats to create bangers such as “Miracle.” The Swedish musician/producer THE FUR and the Philadelphia musician/songwriter Tyte (TheWorldIsTyte) are working together for the first time on this project. 

The song’s grandiose and vintage pop vibe is created by fusing synth- and electropop with a live band and a genuine symphony orchestra. The song’s upbeat message encourages listeners to always think lovingly and optimistically.

THE FUR, who has a background in classical music, has received accolades for his thoughtful arrangements and elegant productions, and his melodic songwriting has earned him the moniker “pop genius” from Sweden’s most prominent music blogger. In the first year of his career as an independent musician, he was able to amass well over 1 million Spotify streams.

THE FUR can be found on Spotify | Instagram