Lola Coker Drops A New Single “Oh My”

Lola Coker Drops A New Single “Oh My”

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Lola Coker has released a new track titled “Oh My.” This outstanding artist follows her emotions while creating tunes. Thus, in “Oh My” specifically, what started out as an instrumental track, turned into a funky tune at the end.

“As usual, I made the instrumental for this song before solidifying the lyrics. But as I was making the instrumental, I felt a passive-aggressive mood and it eventually turned into a funky tune for me to stick it to the ‘man’.”

Lola Coker enjoys creating art and music that evokes emotions in others. She finds an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm in whatever she does, including making beats and writing songs. 

She draws inspiration from her day-to-day experiences, her dreams, and various kinds of creativity in order to transform them into songs and share them with the world. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of conventional genres and challenging herself to develop her creativity.

Lola Coker is a talented performer, composer, and vocalist. Lola began her singing career on talent programs. The Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey Citation Commendation & Praise, the Mayor & Council of Burlington Twp Certificate of Recognition, and the Burlington Twp Board of Education Congratulation award are just a few of the accolades Lola has won for her efforts.

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