Fran Perea Announces New Collaboration With La Oreja De Van Gogh: “Qué Va A Ser”

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Spanish singer and actor, Fran Perea, plans to release the album Uno más uno son 20 in 2023 that honors his musical legacy. In addition to his great acting skills, he is a great musician who had the opportunity to release his first album after the success of Los Serrano.

Together with Víctor Elías, his partner in the series and friend in life, Perea is all set to share the upcoming record, which includes collaborative tracks like “Punto y Aparte” with Álvaro Benito, “Cuenta conmigo” with Bely Basarte and “Voy a pensar en ti” with Ana Guerra.

“Qué Va A Ser” is one of the songs that will be enlisted in the album with which he will celebrate his two decades in music. The keyboardist and composer of the Basque band, Xabi San Martín, had written the song that Perea added to his 2023 debut album.

20 years later, the band reunites to bring back nostalgia and transport fans back to those good old days. Speaking of the song, Xabi San Martin says “For us, “Qué Va A Ser” is one of those songs that is no longer made… It tells a story, an emotional story in which most of us have gone through to a greater or lesser extent.” 

Fran Perea reveals that “Qué Va A Ser” was one of the first collaborations confirmed for the forthcoming album, which made him and Víctor Elías excited, “We began to believe even more in what we had in hand, having La Oreja De Van Gogh makes us better, without a doubt.” 

“Qué Va A Ser” will be released at the end of November.