El Alfa & Anitta Join The Black Eyed Peas In New Collab “Simply The Best”

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Following “Don’t You Worry,” ft. Shakira and David Guetta, the Black Eyed Peas, tease a preview of their upcoming album Elevation with “Simply The Best.” El Alfa and Anitta collaborate on the bilingual track, which is full of Latin rhythms and signature BEP sounds.

The Brazilian sensation Anitta says that “Simply The Best” “is the perfect song to show up and shake what your mom gave you. I mean, it’s the hit that every diva who likes to dance on the floor needs when she hits the club.” 

Bringing together the best of Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, Will.I.Am, Taboo, and Apl.de.Ap revealed that as soon as people hear “Simply The Best” they want them to “stop doing whatever it is they’re doing and turn up the music.”

The accompanying video takes the viewers around the world, from the Pyramids of Sol Luna in Mexico, all the way to Arc de Triomphe of Paris. And it truly doesn’t get better than this, as Will.I.Am drops the beats, “Ah, yeah, check it out/ This is it, bet you won’t, bet you won’t/ Bet you will not forget it/ ‘Cause it don’t get better than, better than this/ No, it don’t get better than, better than this.”

With the release of “Simply The Best,” the Black Eyed Peas also announced that their forthcoming LP will come out November 11th, “ELEVATION ☁️🚀This is the next stage for us, higher. New album out 11/11.” The 15-track record includes collaborations with many Latin American and urban music superstars like Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Anuel AA, and Ozuna.

See the full tracklist of Elevation below:

1. Simply The Best, feat. Anitta y El Alfa 

2. Muévelo, feat. Anuel AA 

3. Audios 

4. Double D’z, feat. J. Rey Soul 

5. Bailar Contigo, feat. Daddy Yankee 

6. Geto Down, feat. Nicky Jam 

7. Dance 4 U 

8. Guarantee 

9. Filipina Queen, feat. Bella Poarch 

10. Jump 

11. In The Air 

12. Fire Starter 

13. No one loves Me, feat. Nicole Scherzinger 

14. Don’t You Worry, feat. Shakira y David Guetta 

15. L.O.V.E, feat. Ozuna

Watch the official video for “Simply the Best” on YouTube: