Santos Reminisces An Old Love In Latest Collab With Christian Nodal Titled “Me Extraño”

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Bachata superstar Romeo Santos collaborates with the Mexican singer Christian Nodal for his new ranchera song “Me Extraño.” The single is accompanied with a music video filmed entirely in a lavish bar. The two mega artists drink their sorrows away and drown themselves in tequila and regrets.

“Me Extraño” is a post-breakup song that perfectly captures the doubts and grief that comes along with the end of a relationship. Santos sings to Nodal, who plays his ex’s new lover, “Usted la hace feliz hasta cuando esta durmiendo/ Conmigo su sonrisa salía de vacaciones/ No sienta que lo envidio/ Tiene un gran admirador/ Le estoy hablando la verdad/ A ella fue que le mentí cuando le susurraba que siempre sería mía.” The singer-songwriter admits that he regrets mistreating her, “You make her happy even when she’s sleeping/ With me her smile went on vacation.”

Nodal was approached by Santos to structure the song like a ranchera. The Aventura singer likes to exchange ideas with the artists he’s collaborating with in the traditional way, “I like to feel the vibe, I like to change things when the artist is there singing and vice versa. That’s how it was with Rosalía, that’s how it was with Justin Timberlake.” Santos’ latest LP Fórmula, Vol. 3, includes collabs with Rosalía on “El Pañuelo” and Justin Timberlake on “Sin Fin.” 

With “Me Extraño,”  Santos extends his limits and dives right into a new style, “I’ve never been afraid to experiment with bachata. I’ve always been able to create ideas that aren’t the norm, unorthodox. There are some music proposals that people are going to be shocked to hear, because I’ve never done them before” 

Watch the official video for “Me Extraño” on YouTube: