Maluma Teases 50 New Songs For His Forthcoming Album And Shares Details On Royalty Records 

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Maluma has been keeping himself busy with various interesting projects, at the same time working on his anticipated upcoming album, which he hopes to make his best one yet. The singer-songwriter has plenty of songs to choose from, 50 to be exact.

The Colombian superstar from Medellín sat down with Billboard Español during the Billboard Latin Music Week to answer a few questions. The businessman confessed: “I have achieved a lot with my musical career but now I am building the first steps of an empire… I have always dreamed of helping other artists. If I saw an artist that I liked, I would say, ‘Come, let’s do this together.’ I realized there was a way to commercialize this. I met with my manager and attorney and said, ‘I need some guidance.’ It is very easy to dream and say you want to do so many things but if you don’t know how to do them, it won’t be successful.”

Maluma’s newly launched Royalty Records Label has already signed two fresh talents from Colombia; Abril and Paulina B. He admits that he falls in love too easily and both artists have already captured his entire heart.

Revealing why he felt like he needed to explore different paths, Maluma says: “As I grow, my priorities change, and my dreams change a little as well.”  His first dream will always be music, and will never stop creating music until the day he dies, but he believes that at this point in his life it is important to consider different choices, and that’s why he set up his first business; the label Royalty Records, along with his perfume brand Maluma Fragrances.

Maluma attributes his success to his passion and advises everyone to do everything with enthusiasm and love.