Natalia Lafourcade Teases Upcoming Album With Title Track “De Todas Las Flores”

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Natalia Lafourcade’s first new album in seven years will be released on October 28 via Sony Music Entertainment Mexico. De Todas Las Flores is produced by Adán Jodorowsky and includes collaborations with Marc Ribot, Emiliano Dorantes, Sebastian Steinberg, Cyril Atef, and others.

The Mexican Pop-Rock and Folk singer-songwriter shared the title track revealing that she wrote the song in 2018 after a romantic breakup, “A relationship that began with passion and fireworks, then deteriorated into agony and self-destruction. Sometimes we must experience such moments in order to understand that love is more closely linked to the relationship we honor with our own selves. “De Todas Las Flores” refers to the inner flowers. When will we sing? When will we play? When do we finally get to return to ourselves?

Natalia Lafourcade’s yearning is undeniable. Her torment is heard in her sultry butter-like voice as she sings, “Of all the flowers that we planted, only a few are still in bloom. Every morning they wonder when you will come and sing to them.” “De todas las flores que sembramos/ Solo quedan unas encendidas/ Cada mañana se preguntan/ Cuándo llegarás para cantarles.”

De Todas Las Flores is the follow-up to Un Canto por México, which was influenced by the 2017 Puebla earthquake. Her last collab was two years ago with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter iLe on the song “En Cantos.” 

See the full tracklist of De Todas Las Flores below: 

01 Vine Solita 

02 De Todas Las Flores 

03 Pasa Los Días 

04 Llévame Viento 

05 El Lugar Correcto 

06 Pajarito Colibrí 

07 María La Curandera 

08 Caminar Bonito 

09 Mi Manera De Querer 

10 Muerte 

11 Canta La Arena 

12 Que Te Vaya Bonito

Watch the “De Todas Las Flores” Lyric Video here: