Bad Bunny’s 23-Minute “El Apagón” Music Video Explores Blackouts And Gentrification In Puerto Rico

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Some of the most important concerns that his beloved Puerto Rico is dealing with are ones that Bad Bunny isn’t avoiding. 

The chart-topping singer discusses gentrification and blackouts in his most recent music video, which is really a nearly 23-minute-long documentary for his scathing single “El Apagón.” 

He also criticizes the local administration for its inactivity of these social concerns.

Minutes after sharing the video on Friday (Sept. 16), he wrote on Instagram Stories, “I hope people in PR can watch my video before the lights go out.” 

The song’s intro is included in the video, which also includes residents singing along to it. The music then ceases at the one-minute mark, and news coverage of Puerto Rico’s frequent blackouts, which have an impact on residents’ everyday lives and force kids to do their schoolwork in the dark, begins.

The Puerto Rican government contracted LUMA Energy to “modernize and maintain” the island’s electrical system, however, there have been concerns regarding how little they have really done to address the problem. 

Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, the island’s energy infrastructure has been in terrible condition due to the island’s deteriorating power system. Bunny has previously attacked LUMA, particularly just before performing this song in Puerto Rico.

After then, the music is included once again in the video, this time with a few partygoers at a club. The remaining portion of the short video is then devoted to the gentrification and eviction issues that Puerto Ricans are facing. A woman standing in front of a group of individuals who have been uprooted from their own houses declares, “They are displacing the native Boricua from here.”

Watch “El Apagón: Aquí Vive Gente” below: