DYLVN Drops The Magnificent “Feels Like Lucy”

1 min read

Following the success of the chart-topping single “Feeling For Nothing,” DYLVN strikes back with “Feels Like Lucy.” With his diverse skill set, DYLVN continues to transcend genres, and “Feels Like Lucy” is his most accomplished song yet. 

From mind-blowing lyricism and magnificent musical styles to addictive beats and smooth synths, “Feels Like Lucy” will blow your mind! The melody is without a doubt a masterpiece and the epitome of what wonderful music should sound like. 

DYLVN employs a powerful chorus, shifting vocal tones, and pretty much nothing else except an acoustic guitar to create an impressive ambiance. This Californian solo artist is a force to be reckoned with! With outstanding vocals and talent like this, they’re unstoppable. We’ll see them on top of the charts in no time.

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