Rock and Pop showdown after Gretta Van Fleet’s Kiszka, Calls pop music “no substance”

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Gretta Van Fleet, has brought back a rock sound that had been kept alive by cover bands and tribute concerts for over 20 years. The brands throwback style and innovative crossovers have set the bar high in the modern music scene, it’s no doubt that they have such a harsh opinion on what’s out there.

On the latest episode of Consequence’s Kyle Meredith With … podcast, Kiszka let it all out on the mic, and gave his 2 cents about how music has evolved over the years  , “It’s kind of the story of mankind … we frame it in a different way, just so you can see it in a different way. The best thing we can hope for is [being] thought-provoking.” Its after this rather enlightened  spat that the truth comes out about what he, and many other artists over the years have been vocal about, “We listen to a lot of stuff, not by choice, on certain radio stations, that is ‘popular music,’ and there’s no substance. They’re telling you exactly what to think, and why. And they don’t leave anything to mystery. And it almost insults people’s intelligence. And it doesn’t give you the ability to have your brain go off, and start firing creatively.”

Surely, a lot of pop artists will disagree, as pop music works in a wide range of styles and borrows beats from all kinds of genres.  But one thing for sure a lot of artists including Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters have been critical of commercial music.

Greta Van Fleet are currently on their North American tour, now travelling the US shows all the way through the month of December.