New Latin Music Releases To Add To Your Playlist

1 min read

New Latin music releases to add to your playlist are here! Check out these awesome new drops, singles, collabs, and even an album full of dynamic, vibrant Latin music we love so much! 

First up is Nanpa BĆ”sico with his fourteen-track LP Hecho M13RD4. The album opens with the lead single of the same title. The sad, almost heart-wrenching guitar melody supports the artistā€™s voice as he sings/speaks his verses with equally a serious voice. This is a one of a kind experience so give this album a good listen! The collabs on Hecho M13RD4 include artists like Ryan Castro, Adriel Favela,  Santa Fe Klan, Gera MX, and others. 

Next we have Snow Tha Product, Las Villa, and Maria Becerra, powerful female artists weā€™ve been eyeing for a while. Varying in their style and level of energy, the three songs by each of the artists are distinctly Latin, and we think our readers will find something new to add to their playlists!

Hecho M13RD4 by Nanpa BƔsico

Snow Tha Product feat. Lauren Jauregui, ā€œPiƱaā€

Las Villa, ā€œAmor Y Salā€

Maria Becerra, “AutomĆ”tico”