Antonio Orozco Comes Together With Luis Fonsi For “Mi Héroe” Remake

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Spanish singer-songwriter Antonio Orozco collaborates with Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi for the remake of his famous song “Mi Héroe,” released in 2015. The two friends share a video laden with symbolism, performing an intimate and conceptual interpretation of the song.  

It’s been seven years since Orozco’s number one hit song “Mi Héroe” came out. The award-winning artist has now joined with the “Despacito” singer for an exceptional new rendition. Luis Fonsi not only adds his voice, but also brings warmth and familiarity to the track, resulting in a beautifully executed ballad. 

The four minute video is shot in dim light, where Orozco and Fonsi are singing for salvation, covered in red lights. The visuals perfectly capture the abstract conceptualization of “Mi Héroe,” which is about the fighting spirit and the strength to keep on going despite the struggles. The profound lyrics reveal Orozco’s admiration of his hero’s courage : “Never have I seen anyone let so many smiles escape/To calm so many storms and disasters, and you/ Again changing tears into dances.”

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