Bruce Gibbons Of Soniquarium Chats With Us About His Latest Single

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Bruce Gibbons recently came out with “Don’t Believe What You Hear”, a new single in collaboration with Dom Fricot. The song is the perfect blend of electronica, playful lyrics, and impressive vocals that really drive it home. Bruce Gibbons is signed to Soniquarium record label that has worked with renowned talents such as Eric Ross, Brav0, AaYmin, Zkosta, Drizz, and others. 

We’ve had the chance to talk to Bruce about his latest release and more!

Congrats on dropping your new single, “Don’t Believe What You Hear”! How did you come up with this unique sound?

Thank you. It all started with the bass. I was playing around trying to create that funk-wav & soul-type sound. Then, it all came together with each element that got added next.

How was your collaboration with Dom Fricot? What strengths did each of you bring to the table while creating this song?

I heard Dom on a few records before, and when the song was in what I call the “Demo Phase,” I reached out to him, and the rest was history. He’s a great songwriter and a fantastic singer. He helps take the track to the next level for sure.

Describe your art using only three words.

Emotional, Connected, Fun

As a renowned artist with an extensive portfolio, which of your achievements is the most memorable or meaningful for you and why?

There are so many, but my journey has been delightful and meaningful. From opening up from your idols to releasing this amazing record with Dom has been very meaningful to me.

Walk us through your process of creating a song. Where do you start, and how does it all come together?

Bass (of course), drums, then pianos/horns. After that, I added the arps. Once that element was ironed out, all the other pieces gelled perfectly. Then once Dom parts were added, I knew this song was unique and it was going to be a hit.

Tell us a bit about Soniquarium. How do you find working with the booming digital record label so far?

I knew the owners for a while from my journey, and they signed my first solo release, “Like Yesterday.”

They are a great label. They know talent and how to market their brand &  songs and care for their artist.

Are there any exciting new releases planned?

Yes, more to come very soon. There will undoubtedly be more releases from myself on the Soniquarium label and maybe an album soon! But be sure to follow me on all social media platforms. 

I got some great releases coming soon as well.

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