Olivia Rodrigo Gives A Surprise Performance Joining Billy Joel At The Piano Man’s Concert

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Olivia Rodrigo shocked the crowd at Madison Square Garden by taking the stage with the legendary Billy Joel. The unexpected duo performed “Deja Vu” and the 1983 classic “Uptown Girl” during the Piano Man’s concert. 

The 73-year-old icon presented Rodrigo right before she came out:  “I’m going to bring up a young musician, she’s a triple Grammy winner. She won the Billboard 2022 Woman of the Year award. She’s got the American Music Award. She’s got all kinds of awards. She’s very talented. I like her music, and so do my kids. She’s very talented. Please say hello to Olivia Rodrigo.”

Billy Joel was thrilled when the 19-year-old pop star sang out the lyrics for “Deja Vu”: “I’ll bet that she knows Billy Joel/’Cause you played her ‘Uptown Girl’” Rodrigo had referenced Joel and “Uptown Girl” in her hit song, reintroducing it to the younger generation. The two later continued singing “Uptown Girl.” Joel is reconnecting with his Gen Z fans who turned his 1978 “Zanzibar” into a TikTok dance.

Joel’s vocals are still as impeccable as ever. After 40 years since the “Innocent Man” recording, the musical giant is still going strong, hitting every high note there is. Billy’s Madison Square Garden residency began in 2014 and follows a tracklist including all of the icon’s favorite songs like “A Matter of Trust,” “Only The Good Die Young,” “My Life,” and “Don’t Ask Me Why” and of course “Piano Man,” among others.