Emilia Puts a Spanish Twist on Destiny’s Child in “La Chain” Video

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It’s quite uncommon for a musician to have the chance to interpolate a Destiny’s Child song, much less in Spanish. With her brand-new song “La Chain,” Emilia, a rising pop sensation from Argentina, reinvents the classic “Independent Women Part I” by Destiny’s Child. Emilia talked with LATINA in an exclusive debut about receiving approval from Beyoncé, her reinvention of the song, and what’s coming up.

“When I found out [the sample was approved], it was a big surprise!” Emilia gushed about interpolating “Independent Women” in “La Chain.” “[Beyoncé] is the artist that I admire the most in the world, who has inspired me my whole life. With her recently released album [“Renaissance”], she continues to be a queen who inspires me. She’s iconic!”