New Selena Album Will be Released Decades After The Latin-American Pop Star’s Murder

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In collaboration with Warner Music Latina, never-before-heard records of Selena will be released 27 years after the cherished artist’s death. Being compared to legends like Elvis Presley and Madonna, the Queen of Tejano music was murdered in 1995, when she was only 23 years old. 

The 13-track album will include remixed songs, in addition to unreleased original records, sung by the multi-platinum Grammy-winning artist. The members of the Quintanilla family are adding their own personal contribution to the project. A.B. Quintanilla, Selena’s brother, will be producing the album, while her sister; Suzette Quintanilla, is responsible for designing the album art. 

The album Moonchild Mixes, is anticipated to be released on August 26. Selena’s brother has added a modern up-to-date touch to the songs, he says that: “I remixed all her vinyls,with this album, with an EDM (electronic dance music) world, with arpeggiators and with keyboards, I made her flow to cumbia.”

Selena Quintanilla Pérez was famous for her daring stage costumes. Her fans can find a set of her awards and memorabilia at the Selena Museum. The Latin-American Pop Star holds the record for the biggest selling Latin album in the U.S. Her life has also been made into a movie starring the splendid Jennifer Lopez. A new series was out more recently on Netflix.

The “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti” remix already came out in July, being the first single off of Moonchild Mixes. Check it out here: