Deviant Rebots Has Teamed Up With Elishama To Create “Voodoo”

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The first collaboration between Manchester-based vocalist Elishama Melbourne and Deviant Robots features large, soulful vocals over an electro rhythm propelled by 808s and an angular bassline. 

These two outstanding artists have blessed us with their latest creation “Voodoo.” The single starts off with robotic beats and rhythmic synths that take the listener’s attention from the very beginning! 

The AudioTrip remix of Voodoo is expected end of August as per Deviant Robots themselves! The track will be hitting all the right clubs this summer.  

The Deviant Robots are a group that composes music for both humans and robots. Steve Blood, GRiM Barsman, an artist from Manchester, and AudioTrip make up Deviant Robots (Budapest-born but Manchester resident). Rap, House, Hip-Hop, and Techno are blended together to create this hybrid art form. 

Deviant Robots can be found on Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Elishama can be found on Spotify