Fall In Love With Charlotte Boin’s “Eyes On U”

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Charlotte Boin debuts her first single titled “Eyes On U.” Her sensual vocals and sweetness that compliment the vibrant beats, invite you to listen closely. “Eyes On U” is a beautiful track that describes her notion of falling to love. The singer has a refreshingly original take on the traditional topic of love, with an intriguing result that we all agree we admire. While listening to “Eyes On U,” be prepared to understand the motivation and fall in love.

Charlotte grew up in France surrounded by music. Among her earliest recollections is dancing to Motown music in her parent’s living room. She created her first songs and performed in public for the first time at the age of nine while practicing dance and piano. It became clear soon that the tiny girl was born to perform on stage. 

During her adolescence, she was a member of an R&B female group before going solo to focus on her artistic growth. Charlotte Boin has spent the last two years preparing for her debut. 

Charlotte has exquisite vocals coupled with gorgeous control as she reaches her listeners’ hearts with her music. She creates a soothing yet strong enticement and romantic love while embodying her femininity and seductiveness. 

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