Ari Dayan Releases New Single “Ashley”

1 min read

Ari Dayan’s latest track “Ashley” is the next heartfelt hit! After a breakup, Dayan created the song while looking through her ex’s Instagram and came upon a person called Ashley.

“Ashley,” in which she discusses her ex’s new relationship and how, despite her sadness, she discovers the person is amazing and how unjustified anger formed.

The single is accompanied by a creative and beautiful music video that depicts Ari Dayan singing the tune in the front yard of some house. A unique scene is conveyed through the video including a woman other than Ari saying “Hi, Ashley here. I heard some B*tch named Ari is been coming for me on the internet with a song. But she’s just jealous cause I stole her man. And so what?”

You may know Ari Dayan from one of their hit songs “One Hundred” which has garnered over 160k streams on Spotify alone! 

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