“Say” By LACES Makes Our Hearts Skip A Beat

1 min read

Unprecedented times require artists to bring a unique light to the world. LACES answered that call with their new single, “Say (Hey Ma) [Unplugged].” In the piece, she opens our hearts and lets us see everything that is inside, letting us know that there is light and darkness in all of us and that it is a personal process in which we must understand, that even in those moments when everything it is dark, a teaching and a message are hidden.

Still defined by the openness and cashmere voice that originally set her apart as Charlotte Sometimes, the artist now known as LACES hasn’t glossed over her darkly compelling jagged edges. She’s just allowing more of her warmth, self-acceptance, and light to be heard, too. The diversity of her current output is dizzying: As LACES, she writes and performs subtly brilliant adult-alt pop songs. Under her legal name, Jessica Vaughn, she pens and produces music for Hasbro.

LACES reaches our ears to go through our entire system, until it reaches the heart and floods us with that acoustic folk, a sound that is phenomenal, transporting us to feel all those emotions embodied throughout «Say». This is one of those artists who are here to stay, day by day her popularity is on the rise, remaining in the taste of critics and in the hearts of fans.

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