Juan Minatta Talks About His New Single “best of me,” Early Beginnings, Creative Process & More In Exclusive Interview

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How did it all start for you with music? Walk us through your early beginnings, please. Did your surroundings growing up help you towards choosing a music career?

My surroundings definitely shaped my musical journey. Since I was a kid, music has always been an essential part of my life. My grandad used to be the singer in a band he formed along with some of his friends so seeing him perform and make songs played a massive part in making me want to pursue a career in music.

Your new single “best of me” is very powerful in terms of the emotions it awakens, did you write it following a specific personal experience?

I did. The song is about choosing to protect oneself after going through a difficult situation with a person who becomes a lost cause. Coming from a personal experience, I wanted the track to evoke the emotion of seeking relief as well as being empowering at the same time.

Did you have a mentor? Is there one lesson that really helped you?

Two years ago I met my current producer, Micaela Blue. She is the one who has helped me improve and learn a lot, not only with the quality of my music but also with my songwriting and artistic vision. She’s taught me to “trust the process”, which is something everyone should keep in mind, especially if you’re a little impatient like me.

Did you always sing in English? Why this choice?

I have always loved the language. My mom is an English teacher so I’ve been learning it since I was very little. Most of the music I listen to is in English so it felt natural for me to explore my songwriting side in this language. It also helps me improve my pronunciation which is great.

Pop or soft-pop? What label best suits your music?

I would say that pop is most appropriate as the genre is broader, taking into account both, the music I’ve already released and also my new music.

How did your creative process evolve along the years?

Songwriting-wise, I think I have evolved a lot. I used to write songs that weren’t very related to one another but now I like to think of a bigger picture. I start the process by brainstorming different ideas so that when I have a strong concept, that’s when I really get into lyric ideas, music, and melodies. I would also like to start getting more involved in the production of my next projects.

Any upcoming plans you would like to share with our readers?

Yes! I’m currently working on my debut EP, with influences in Pop and Alternative. In this upcoming project, I’m looking to explore new musical and conceptual horizons and it’ll be released sometime this year.

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