Hablot Brown Releases An Alternative R&B single Titled “Electric”

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Hablot Brown has dropped a new track titled “Electric.” “Electric” is a love song that is so overpowering and all-consuming that it is electric. The catchy song features funky bass, thudding drumming, and guitar-laden accompaniment infused with a mellow alternative R&B vibe. Furthermore, “Electric” provides a delectable preview of what to expect from Hablot Brown’s upcoming first album. On August 8, 2022, the self-titled project will be released. In addition, “Electric” is the album’s most dance-oriented track.

“‘Electric’ was conceived with our dear friend, Floyd Fuji, at our house on Smiley Drive when we first moved to LA in 2019. We wanted to make something more upbeat that would resonate at festivals and is also a blast to play and jam on.” – Hablot Brown explained

You may know Hablot Brown from “Simmer” which has garnered over 15 million streams on Spotify!

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