“Being On Tour With My Dad Is A Dream”- Exclusive Interview With Rising Latin-Pop Star MAR 

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One of Latin America’s youngest lifelong performers, MAR has been rocking stages from New York, Mexico, LA since she’s 13 years old. Now with a treasure chest of instrumental prowess and stories to tell the world, she is taking her craft solo and stepping up to the industry plate. She just released her original debut single and music video “Quédate,” a romantic track made to melt hearts and featuring MAR’s hypnotic vocals. We had a chance to steal some of MAR’s precious time to chat about her new single and summer plans, as she is touring with her father Marco Antonio Solis in major European cities this summer. 

Hi MAR, pleasure to chat with you! First of all, congratulations on the resounding success of your debut single and music video “Quédate,” we loved it! 

What inspired you to write and compose this debut song?

The song was inspired by the feeling of impulsiveness in the name of capturing a feeling that is so unanticipated & instantaneous. A magnetism between two people that can’t be denied and the desire to express what I imagined saying to this guy. 

Tell us more about your beginnings with music. How did it all start?

I was drawn into the journey of exploration within the musical realm in early childhood where I began to play the piano at around 5-6 years old. This opened an enormous gateway to my inner world, it was like accessing a key to my fullest, most authentic expression. Since then, I have performed playing piano at local theaters, arming mini shows for my family and friends, oftentimes encompassing comedy, dancing, & singing.

At just 21 years old, what do you think helped you develop your artistic vision so much faster than most? Any secrets you could share with us?

My artistic vision in no way came quickly as I am still in the process of unveiling who I truly am as an artist! I am so honored to have taken my first step after having longed for this moment for so long. You can never truly be ready or certain of what you want to present to the world, so I try to remind myself we were literally born to have FUN and to be the silly little creatures that we are. We are on a floating rock rooted in a vastness that we can’t even comprehend so there is no reason to take ourselves so seriously! The world awaits our magic and all it takes sometimes is taking the first step & acting from a space of love rather than fear.

We’ve noticed that you create a fusion of several moods and genres in your music. What inspired you to take this approach and how would you define your own sonic aesthetics?

My sonic aesthetics at this point in time are minimalistic. I really enjoy creating soundscapes that can make you feel so much within the simplicity because a lot of the time less is more! Yet, what I produce and write is very dreamy & oftentimes I’d describe as ethereal.

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer, or both?

I am a recording artist, performer, writer, producer and most importantly limitless !  I cannot be defined.

What is MAR’s playlist like? 

The top 3 songs on my 2022 playlist are

BIGGER Beyoncé

Get it together India Arie

Somewhere Barbra Streisand

How does it feel being on tour with your father, the iconic Marco Antonio Solis? Could you please share some thoughts and feelings? How did it all happen?

Being on tour with my dad is a dream. It is pure bliss, nothing less. I hope that one day I can win myself a space in the hearts of my listeners & create a family as he has created with everybody that has connected with his music. The reactions from the audience, the tears, the joy is eternal. Those are images and moments that I can never forget. You are always on your toes & to me that’s what it means to be alive.

Any upcoming plans you’d like to share with our readers?

My next move is to release more music! I’m really looking forward to sharing my essence with the world, wrapping up with my first ALBUM!! ️

Thank You!

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