‘God Save The Animals’ Will Be Alex G’s Upcoming Studio Album

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On September 23, Domino will release the follow-up to 2019’s House of Sugar. The album’s most recent single, “Runner,” as well as a music video shot by Aldo Fisk, have also been released by the prolific singer, songwriter, and producer. Check out the video below to see Alex G perform with his bandmates, guitarist Sam Acchione, keyboardist Molly Germer, bassist John Heywood, and drummer Tom Kelly.

The song “Blessing,” which was released a month ago, is part of God Save the Animals. The songs on God Save the Animals were written and demoed by Alex G alone at home, following his standard procedure. Then, as he stated in press materials, he recruited numerous people to participate in “a routine that was outside of [his] flat.”

Alex G’s latest single “Runner” was dropped out of the upcoming LP ‘God Save The Animals.’

The LP will include: 

01 After All

02 Runner

03 Mission

04 S.D.O.S.

05 No Bitterness

06 Ain’t It Easy

07 Cross the Sea

08 Blessing

09 Early Morning Waiting

10 Immunity

11 Headroom Piano

12 Miracles

13 Forgive