Katy Perry Tips A Waiter At The Café Who Failed To Recognize Her

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A Port Douglas hotel employee made the singer wait for a table because they didn’t recognize the superstar. An Australian waitress who “made a fool” of herself while serving Katy Perry at a Port Douglas cafe has received a big tip from the singer.

Together with her partner Orlando Bloom, the celebrity is presently in Australia for the Wizards! movie shoot in Far North Queensland. Indianna Paull, a Choo Choos employee, told Sunrise that Perry showed up there on Saturday while carrying Daisy Dove, her one-year-old daughter.

Because of the hat and sunglasses, she was sporting, the waitress initially failed to recognize the Firework hitmaker.

“She handled it like any normal person would, I suppose. She was really nice the whole time and she handled it like a champ,” Indiana explained. 

“I think partly because I didn’t recognize her was the reason she was so just so relaxed and chill about it,” she also added.