Calvin Harris And Dua Lipa Create A Sexy “Potion” With Young Thug

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It’s been four years since Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris teamed on “One Kiss,” a midsummer blockbuster song. They’ve teamed up once more for a new summer tune called “Potion,” this time with Young Thug.  

The music video for this disco-pop tune has Dua and Young Thug playing on a tropical island from sunset to dusk. It all starts with Dua singing from an overturned retro car. Later, we witness her stroll around a neon-lit corridor with her backup dancers, show off her sensual movements on a lilypad, and even perform on stage in a sparkly silver outfit and boots.

The video displays numerous clips fading into each other to suit the song’s relaxed, sensuous emotions. As the song concludes, a brief glimpse of Dua leaning on Harris is shown as the video fades to darkness.